Weekly Schedule


8:15 am.                  Early Worship Service

9:00 am                 Orchestra Rehearsal

9:15 am.                   Bible Study (for all age groups)

10:30 am.               Morning Worship

6:00 pm.                Evening Worship



4:00 pm.                Afternoon Prayer and Bible Study

6:30 pm.                 Adult Bible Study and Prayer Time

Youth Worship

Mission Friends (age 4 -1st grade)

Preschool Choir (age 4-1st grade)

Children's Choir (grade 2-6)

7:15 pm.                   Children in Action (grade 1-6)

Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal


1:30-4:00               Good News Club


2:00-4:00 pm.     Food Pantry (at Church Office)